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Biophysics Versus Biochemistry

What’s the difference between biochemistry and biophysics?

Biochemistry studies the chemical reactions in living organisms which can be proven experimentally.
Biophysics studies the interaction between living or organic matter and the mutual effects of energy and the potential between them.

Quality versus Quantity

As biochemistry deals with the physical nature of the body and looks at its material aspects, when we feel

imbalanced we take pills to supplement our deficit of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. From a biochemical viewpoint, this makes sense. But the biophysicist asks: “Is the body capable of absorbing inorganic vitamins and minerals, say calcium, from a pill? They state that we could swallow 50 lbs. of calcium pills and yet the body would still have less calcium than if we had eaten a carrot. Biophysics is a field of science that studies the energy behind all things material.

Energy and Information

Einstein’s famous formula states that Energy=Matter. Every form of matter is subject to a higher form of energy. The human body has enough energy to light a 100W bulb. Where does this energy come from? Biophysics simply says: Life=Energy. And that from a physical standpoint, Energy=Information. All matter contains energy in the form of information. Life exists as a constant exchange of energy. Information is the foundation of order. Every form of energy has an associated vibration, one that can be measured as an electromagnetic frequency. Every vibration consists of its inherent individual information content. In the cosmic order, there are no accidents. Every form of energy strives to manifest itself according to a structured energetic plan. You can already see in the word itself, INFORMATION: Form comes from the Latin Forma, which means body and in, also from Latin means into – Hence, information means to come into shape or come into body. Therefore, every material form, every mineral, every plant, every animal and every human being is made of the components, in a physical aspect, of energy, vibration and the life force, which gives the impulse its higher order.

Revealing The Source of Vitality

The classic, natural science which reveals the source of everything, can be proven mostly through mathematics. The name in itself reveals the trinity of body, mind, and soul, which are the components of all matter.

MA means Matter

THE means Theos (Greek…the Divine)
MATI is that which binds matter to the Divine….the Spirit

For biophysics, the most important aspect of mathematics is Geometry. The word Cosmos (Greek for Order), tells us that nothing in the universe is haphazard or accidental, but exists according to a structured order.

GEO explains the Earth and METRIE equals measurement

Inherent in the Divine Earth mass is an orderly perfection