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Exploring New Dimensions In Science And Health

All around us we see and feel that everything from the tiny atom to the mighty universe is governed by a Law of Nature. So, to the profound thinker, there is nothing chaotic, haphazard or uncertain about this Universe and the laws which govern it

When we discovered the secrets of atomic energy, energy generated by nuclear fission, we found extraordinary phenomenon with the splitting of the atom. . .sound and motion in the component electrons and neutrons, and that motion is not haphazard but is rhythmic and regular. The various elements of an atom, as they move and vibrate, give out inherent musical tone and subtle light. This tonal light is the power of consciousness which underlies all creation. Nothing exists that is separate from this consciousness/energy/information, all things are interconnected. This is a fundamental principle of life.

The study of this energy, as it manifests and takes form here in this world, gives us higher knowledge, knowledge of a Supreme nature, bringing us closer to our true nature and our relation to this unlimited energy potential or consciousness. 

The human being is truly an enigma. Each of us has a life force, an energy potential. We are living, dynamic natural organisms with interdependent, finely balanced life support systems, functions, feelings, memory, consciousness, instincts, electrical impulses and conductivity, magnetic fields, harmonic resonance, and we emit vibrational energy from every cell in our bodies. What we find is that there is more to reality than can be detected by our senses. It is that Reality that we wish to uncover and understand.

The Institute for Profound Living supports scientific research that endeavors to tear away the curtain of mystery, revealing the true nature of reality. We hope to kindle in one the desire and longing to know and inspire, with the hope that one day, we too can unravel the mystery of life and purpose of our human existence.